There are over eight hundred universities are functioning in India according to a latest report. The universities are engaged in educating students in every field and motivating them in research projects. Thus participating in the country’s growth.

The universities are classified in to 4 types based on the maintenance and decision making authorities of universities. They are

  1. Universities run by Central Government
    As the name only indicates, the universities that works under this category are maintained by center government.
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  2. Universities run by State Government
    The universities that are working under the influence of state government comes under this category.
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  3. Deemed Universities
    Deemed universities are nothing but the independent universities that are given a power to have control over their own universities and it’s maintenance. This authority is issued by the government under the advice of UGC (University Grant Commission).
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  4. Universities run by private authorities
    The universities that lies under this category are affiliated to UGC. Maintenance and other things are looked after by the private authorities.
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There are few universities whose status is not clear and those that does not belong to the above categories are mentioned below.

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